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Why Is Diamond More Suitable For Jewelry Than Azurite

March 30, 2024
Selecting a gemstone for your jewelry piece is one of the most difficult yet rewarding decisions throughout the process. Some people are inclined to a favorite color, others are likely to choose their birthstones or of their child’s. While emotional connotations and available choices to any jewelry piece are endless, we are comparing two of the most like gemstones today – diamond and azurite.

Diamond has remained a timeless gemstone with its extreme durability, azurite is no less stunning. Azurite is a blue copper carbonate mineral known for its vibrant color and long history in the arts. It is a semi-precious stone that reflects multiple shades of blue. Let’s talk about both in detail which stone stands the test of time.

Durability: One of the primary reasons diamonds are preferred for jewelry is their unstifled hardness. In comparison to it, azurite is relatively softer which makes it susceptible to damage and breaking over time.

Sparkle and Shine: A diamond ring can be found from far off given their exceptional shine and sparkle. This uniquely renowned optical property is what makes it highly desirable to commemorate any big day from your wedding, anniversary to the birth of your first child. Azurite, on the other hand, has a unique charm but falls behind the brilliance of diamonds. It has a mesmerizing blue hue but less points for sparkle.

Color Range: Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and colorless options. Azurite, however, is only limited and known for its deep blue color. The limitless versatility of diamonds is what makes it the best!
Market Value: The market value for both these gemstones greatly differ. While diamonds offer both rarity and contribute to high market value, azurite’s value is significantly lower. Rare diamonds such as pink or blue offer a sense of luxury and exclusivity none like azurite.

Symbolism: Each gemstone carries its own symbol in the world of jewelry. Diamonds are often associated with engagement and wedding rings – symbolizing a form of love and commitment. Azurite holds its own value. However, it does not hold the same level of symbolic significance as compared to diamonds.

Determine The Right Choice For You

While we have outlined some of the main features for both gemstones, the final choice remains to be the customers. Learn about your personal goals, preferences, budget and relative occasion to choose which gemstone is the best for you!

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