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Types Of Engagement Ring Settings: Choose Your Best Fit!

April 15, 2024
Your engagement ring is one piece of jewelry that stays on you for a lifetime. Given the many choices while finalizing your engagement including diamond and shape, you must also decide which settings work best for you. The anatomy of any ring consists of three parts – band, setting and diamond. The setting of the diamond can depend on your personal style preference.

Types of Settings

There are many types of engagement ring settings and we have highlighted a few of them including:


The most common and classic form of engagement ring setting is known as prong. This setting features a metal claw with typically 4 to 6 prongs that attach to the gemstone, holding it firmly into place. This setting allows for the diamond to stay above the metal, highlighting it the most. The prong setting is timeless and will never go out of style.


Depending on your personal preference, the second most popular choice is bezel setting. In this type of setting, the metal encircles the gemstone for greater stability and base. If you have an active lifestyle where you don’t need to worry about harming your diamond, a bezel setting can provide a protective rim against it. It also reduces the chances of sticking your jewelry piece on your clothes due to a smooth lining.


If you are more inclined for a chunky look, halo setting is becoming an increasingly popular choice because it features a bedazzled ring with a center stone and smaller diamonds surrounding it. This makes your center stone appear larger than it actually is due to the halo effect. You can save money on the center stone piece without losing on enough sparkle.


If you are considering a timeless and unique ring setting, a cathedral can be one option. This engagement ring setting features two metal arches on either side of the center stone. The arches simultaneously secure and lift the diamond at its desired place.

Three Stone Setting

It is quite comprehensible with the name given for this engagement ring setting. This type uses three stones as a centerpiece. This is visually appealing as you can choose your own preferred size and stone type.

Channel Setting

Unlike prong setting, in this type the gemstones are mounted within the design. You can go for a band with small diamonds or supporting channels on the sides of a center gem. This helps create a continuous look that is often preferred in engagement rings and wedding bands.

Questions About Types Of Engagement Ring Settings: Choose Your Best Fit!?

Final Words

Dallas Gold & Silver Experts can help curate a timeless engagement ring for you given your preferences, budget and custom style. Call us at (214) 347-8484 for more details.



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