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Is White Gold More Expensive Than Yellow Gold?

May 30, 2024

When we think about purchasing gold jewelry, cost is one of the first thoughts that come to mind. Determining a budget prior to any purchase helps you choose the best you can get within that price range.

In the realm of gold jewelry, a common question clients ask is whether white gold is more expensive than yellow gold. With our expertise in dealing with jewelry making, we’re here to guide you through this decision-making process.

What Makes White Gold and Yellow Gold Different?

One of the primary differences between white and yellow gold is its appearance. Some people may prefer the timeless look of white, while others might like the unique and warm glow of yellow gold.

As we talk about individual preferences, yellow gold might suit specific skin tones. In contrast, white gold can present an affordable option for platinum jewelry.

Apart from apparently visual elements, yellow gold is more hypoallergenic than white gold and relatively easier to maintain. With yellow gold, regular cleaning and polishing might suffice. Whereas white gold needs to be re-plated in rhodium every few years to maintain its finish.

Another thing that differentiates the two metals is their strength and durability. White gold is slightly stronger than yellow gold, which makes it a durable option.

Are The Prices Really Equal?

The value of gold jewelry is primarily determined by its pure gold content rather than its color. The content of gold can vary from 10K to 24K or beyond the given range.

Believe it or not, yellow gold and white gold are frequently equally priced. This holds true if the percentage of pure gold is the same. For example, a piece of jewelry containing 14K yellow and 14K white gold will be comparable in cost.

In a few cases, white gold can cost more due to additional rhodium plating. This can lead to increased prices, but it is not a very drastic difference.

Additional Factors Affecting Price

While there is debate about whether white gold is more expensive, the actual gold content remains the primary determinant of price. However, a few other factors can influence the final cost, particularly for white gold jewelry, including:

Rhodium Plating

As mentioned earlier, white gold is rhodium-plated to give it a shiny finish. The cost of rhodium plating can vary depending on the thickness and size of the jewelry piece. This can determine the final cost of your jewelry piece.

Labor Cost

Jewelry pieces are unique depending on the complexity of the design, intricacy, and detailing. This can influence the labor cost while crafting both white and gold jewelry. This can affect the final price tag.


While gold content is one thing, adding gemstones and diamonds is another. Presence of gemstones can increase the price of your jewelry piece regardless of the choice of gold.

Questions About Is White Gold More Expensive Than Yellow Gold??

Final Words

While we have multiple varieties of gold to choose from, it all boils down to personal choice. The two main types are white and yellow gold. While unpacking the question, ‘Is white gold more expensive than yellow gold?’; we have established that gold content remains to be central.

Other factors that can affect the final price include rhodium plating, gemstones, and labor costs. If you are unsure about picking the right gold for your jewelry pieces, Dallas Gold & Silver Experts can provide valuable advice and reliable service. Call us at (214) 347-8484 for additional queries!



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