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Important Silver Jewelry Care Instructions You Must Know

February 15, 2024
Your jewelry can last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. We have provided a list of guidelines and daily care tips to keep your jewelry looking beautiful. If you own silver jewelry, here are some steps that you need to know to take care of it.

Wear Too Often

You should wear it more often so that your body’s natural oils keep it shining. Leaving your jewelry in a closed box or drawer for a long time can cause it to dull and tarnish quicker.

Remove While Everyday Cleaning

While doing house chores or everyday cleaning, remember to wear your jewelry off. Wearing your jewelry in everyday house chores can expose it to numerous chemicals and can ruin its appearance.

Less Sunlight Exposure

If your sterling silver is kept outside, under the sun, for prolonged times, it can become tarnished, discolored and rusted. If you are outside on a swim, you should remove your jewelry for the time being.

Put It On Last While Getting Ready

While getting ready for a special event or outing, make sure you wear your jewelry in the end after you have put on clothes, makeup, lotion, perfume and everything else. Don’t spray your perfume directly on your silver ornament or it can lead to rapid tarnish and rust.

Air-Tight Jewelry Box

Many residential areas are humid and unfavorable for your silver jewelry to be kept outside. If you want to increase the lifespan of your silver jewelry, be sure to keep it protected in air tight spaces. Many people have designated hooks as jewelry hangers but prolonged exposure to oxygen can oxidize your jewelry pieces.

Cool Place Storage

Jewelry and the consideration of right storing temperature go hand in hand. Keep your jewelry in a dark, cool place ensuring both sunlight and heat exposure is at least.

Storing Separately

Your silver jewelry is at its best when kept apart from all other pieces. It is best to wrap it in tissue, butter paper, cardboard or cotton to secure your jewelry at best. Expect the least tangling and scratches if you store your silver jewelry separately.

Anti Tarnish Strips

Buy yourself anti tarnish strips to store with your silver jewelry to slow the tarnishing process, keeping your jewelry looking newer for longer.

Clean Your Silver

Apart from doing the needful steps like storing methods and wearing practices, it is important to clean your silver jewelry too. It can lose its shine and sparkle with constant wear. Hence, it is important to gently cleanse your jewelry after every few months with soap and water. Use a soft towel to wipe your jewelry off of any water.

Questions About Important Silver Jewelry Care Instructions You Must Know?

In Conclusion

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