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How To Avoid Necklace Tangles: Keep Your Jewelry Safe

June 30, 2024

If you are someone who loves wearing necklaces, your worst nightmare is a tangled one. It can be frustrating and especially when you are in a rush to get out of the door. Necklace knots can occur due to improper storage and sheer carelessness. Some tangles can be overcome by simple hand gestures while others might need professional help of a gold repairing expert.

In this blog, we will share some simple tricks and tips that you can use to easily keep your necklaces untangled – making sure all of them are always ready to wear. Let’s read further.

Storing Jewelry Properly

The first and the foremost step to prevent tangling of necklaces is storing them properly. Times when you are not wearing your necklace, make sure you keep them in their desired place. You can consider investing in a jewelry box, necklace stand, hanging jewelry organizer with hooks and padded compartments to keep each necklace apart and untangled. Do not over stuff your jewelry all into one storage box.

Close The Clasps

Another key step to prevent knots is closing the clasps before storing them. Open clasps can provide room for necklace to teist around itself. Once you have removed the necklace, get in the habit of re-clasping it whether before throwing them onto your jewelry tray or putting them into a box. The extra minute can be worth your effort once you find it tangle-free on your next wear.

Layer Smartly

A proven tip for preventing tangles in your necklaces is smart layering. You can layer different lengths and textures of necklaces together so they can stay far enough to tangle. Varying weights and movement of each chain can help them glide over each other smoothly without making a mess.

Do Not Sleep With Necklaces

When you sleep with your necklaces on, there is a higher chance of them coiling together. This can call for an uncalled tangling mess. Which is why we recommend you to take off all jewelry pieces including your necklaces before going to bed. On days you are super tired, you can put your necklaces on your bedside table at least.

Handle Your Jewelry Carefully

Jewelries can be dainty to handle. In order to keep them safe from tangles, you must handle your necklaces carefully. Make sure to clasp and unclasp when needed, check for any knots when you are putting it on or taking it off. Handling your neck pieces delicately can go a long way!

Untangle Knots Carefully

If you have fallen into a tangling mess, keep calm and composed. Do not rush into the process of untangling as it can break them. Pulling away the knots aggressively is of now use as it can add to existing knots. Instead, gently wiggle and massage theknot to loosen it. use tweezers to gently lift the chain from each side.

Questions About How To Avoid Necklace Tangles: Keep Your Jewelry Safe?

Final Words

When you own too many necklaces, tangles are common. They can be easily avoided and overcome by simple organizing tips and gentle untangling. However, if your knots are too stubborn, Dallas Gold & Silver Experts can provide prompt repair services so you can get back at wearing your favorite necklace in no time. Call us at (214) 347-8484 for additional queries!



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