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Does Repairing Gold Jewelry Lessen Its Value?

May 15, 2024
Jewelry is a form of ornamental expression that people have been using for ages. While some pieces are transferred as a memory of your great grandparents, others can be a token of love or commitment. A jewelry piece can also be a great investment. It has been established from history that gold extends its value in many ways. Let’s build on this topic more!

Why Is Some Gold More Valuable Than Others?

Jewelry is not created equal. While some pieces can be precious and worthy, others might be a few thousand worth. How to attribute value to jewelry is one common question asked. Lets list down a basic criteria on how to create value for your jewelry.

  • Hallmarks can attach a certain value to your gold item that gives out information about the metal content, manufacturer, country of origin. They are found underneath the ring, bracelet or clasp of any necklace. Famous hallmarks are 18k, 14k, 375, and 750. Other jewelries may have a brand name such as Tiffany, Van cleef, Cartier etc.
  • Item weight can also determine the final cost of your gold item. We have heard the terms solid gold and gold plated which basically highlight the cost.

What Factors Determine The Quality and Value of Jewelry?

In the other half of this blog, let’s talk about the factors which determine the quality and value of your gold jewelry.


Your jewelry value and quality is determined by the craftsmanship behind. A well-made and fine jewelry with smooth components that function properly will be priced higher than a low quality and ill-made piece. When a surface is polished or made by renowned makers, it can also have more value than regular or mass produced pieces.


Gold exists in different qualities. The quality of gold, stones and metals have an intrinsic value attached. Hence, this raises the price. For example, a natural and untreated sapphire can be considered extremely worthy and of exceptional quality.


Depending on how many similar jewelry pieces of the same kind are available in the market defines its rarity. If your jewelry piece is rare, it can carry a high value as compared to something that already exists in the market.


Whenever you put anything for sale, the condition is checked for its value. A second hand with signs of wear and tear reduces both its quality and value. Common conditions can include broken clasps, discolored metal, scratches or chips on your piece.


Alterations in your gold jewelry can affect its value. These alterations are highlighted in the form of repair, remodeling or adaptation. Take for instance, you want to turn your pendant into a ring – it can cause its value to decrease.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear. When a jewelry is poorly done or many repairs have been made, the value of jewelry can be affected negatively. Hence, it is important to trust a previously known and reliable repair service.

How To Find A Reliable Gold Valuation Expert in Dallas, TX?

  • Should have the right qualification.
  • Make sure the service provider is a member of a professional body or union.
  • Adherence to ethical standards and good reputation.
  • Should be reliable, honest and offer good services.

Questions About Does Repairing Gold Jewelry Lessen Its Value??

Final Words

Gold value can increase or decrease depending on multiple factors. While repairs, alterations can certainly decrease its value other factors such as hallmark, rarity and condition can cause it to increase.

If you are putting out your gold jewelry for sale, a reliable valuation service is what you need! Dallas Gold & Silver Experts is a safe and entrusted service by many for gold valuation in Texas. Call us at (214) 347-8484 for more details.



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