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5 Common Types Of Jewelry Repair

February 29, 2024
Jewelry pieces are supposedly precious belongings. They sometimes hold a special value due to sentinel feelings attached. It can be either your engagement ring as a marking of love, an ornament that has been passed to you through generations or something you made with your first earning. However, jewelry pieces are prone to breaking or aging given the rigorous daily wear, age and time. But, that’s not a problem. Your jewelry pieces can be brought to life again with these common jewelry repair ways! Not only are these readily available fixes, but cost efficient, timely and will restore your belonging just as new!

Ring Resizing

What is jewelry to use when you can’t wear it? If you are gifted a ring or inherit one that does not fit you, ring resizing is among the most common jewelry repairs today. In addition to that, our bodies change over the course of time so your finger size can increase or decrease for various reasons. Ring resizing includes both, upsizing and downsizing, by adding or giving away some metal to fit you perfectly.

Prong Repair

Prongs are small extensions on your jewelry pieces that hold the stone together. They can be prone to breaking given their thin lining, resulting in your gem falling out. This type of repair is called prong retipping, which means creating a new prong out of the desired metal and heating the jewelry to put it in place.

Stone Replacement

Your stone bed can loosen over time or whether you have hit it too hard. If you notice that your stone has fallen off or is not fixed properly, take it to your jewelry repair experts in Dallas, TX. they will ensure that the prongs are tightened and positioned well and stable so that it doesn’t budge . Sometimes, the stone may also suffer damage or fall out. In those cases, you will have to bring your ornament and get the stone replaced.

Clasp Repair

Necklaces and bracelets bring together an outfit and are people’s common daily wear choices. However, the clasp of chain and bracelets can break due to excessive wear, over time, or out of sheer luck. Professional repair experts can change the clasp to your chain or bracelets using the finest materials and skill.


One of the most common types of jewelry repair is cleaning and polishing. Your jewelry can lose shine over time looking ruggy and old. Some reasons for this can include direct sunlight, cleaning chemicals and perfumes that can fade a jewelry piece. Jewelry cleaning and polishing is a common practice where our jewelry repair experts in Dallas, TX can bring life to your ornament piece by adding a coat of polish.

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Final Words

In order to put trust into someone for your jewelry piece can be a tough decision. Dallas Gold & Silver Experts serves its customers with exemplary jewelry repair service in Dallas TX, ensuring complete trust, reliability and satisfaction. Call us at (214) 347-8484 for more details.



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